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Whether you exercise to become more beautiful, healthier,
slimmer or stronger, you must think about continuous tr-
aining as the only way of achieving results. It is important
that you are comfortable with the method of training so
that you feel like exercising on a regular basis. This is the
reason that Friskis & Svettis' training is designed to be
happy and joyful. The joy is in both the music and the
movements. We call it "pleasure of movement". Our well-
educated instructors give you one hour of effective trai-
ning. If you haven't exercised before, your body will slow-
ly change. Your body will become stronger and more agile.
Your attitude will become more stable and happier. It will
take some time. Don't press yourself. There are no short-

It is easy to train with Friskis & Svettis. You do not
need any previous experience. You decide for yourself
how hard you want to work on each session.


minilog.Body and soul
When you move you feel good. Both your body and soul.
That is the essence in Friskis & Svettis' idea. Read more
about Friskis & Svettis' view of our body and soul.

The first Friskis & Svettis association was started in Stock-
holm, Sweden in 1978. Read more about the founder,
Johan Holmsäter and the history of Friskis & Svettis.

minilog.Friskis & Svettis organization
Friskis & Svettis is a non-profit-making association, aiming
to spread the Friskis & Svettis idea about pleasure-filled
training. Read more about how Friskis & Svettis organiza-
tion is built up.

minilog.Structure of a Friskis & Svettis program
The conditions for varied and inspiring training are good str-
ucture and arrangement of the program. A well thought-out
structure is very important for the effectiveness of the train-
ing. Read more about the structure of a Friskis & Svettis

minilog.Leader education
The training of Friskis & Svettis is put together in coopera-
tion with physiotherapists and gymnastic teachers. Read
more about Friskis & Svettis' leader education.

minilog.Friskis & Svettis Amsterdam
Friskis & Svettis Amsterdam was founded in 1993. Among
our membership you can find Scandinavian as well as Dutch,
but also people of other nationalities. Read more about where
you can find us.

minilog.10 good reasons to join us
Read more about what happens to your body after one sem-
ester with Friskis & Svettis!

minilog.Friskis & Svettis' philosophy
The human is a whole, made out of body and soul. Read
more about Friskis & Svettis' philosophy.

minilog.Links to other Friskis & Svettis associations
Many Friskis & Svettis associations have their own home-
page on the Internet. Here are the links to these associations.


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